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This is a great typography resource website. Jeremiah Shoaf launched this site in 2013 with the goal of being an excellent resource for everything related to typography on the web. I often refer to this site when I need to choose fonts for web design. The Typewolf Type Roundup monthly e-newsletter is free to sign-up to and provide a monthly overview of the latest type news and releases.


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Nike ‘Ro8er’

Nike is known to create ads with successful sporting individuals who reach milestones victory. This latest one does a great job at congratulating Roger Federer’s on his 8th Wimbledon’s Title. The spot by W+K aired the night after his 2017 Wimbledon victory. This is very smart advertising being topical with a clever typographical symbol replacing the g with the number 8 into Roger’s name. Nike is also releasing a limited number of all-white Nike RF shoes customised with the 8 symbol and 2 commemorative t-shirts with the Ro8er logo.


Ro8er shoes


The Nike ‘Ro8er’ spot launched just 4 weeks after another tribute ad called ‘The Roger Effect’, celebrating Federer’s career and impact on the tennis world. Being a big tennis fan, I can relate to this ad; I am always inspired to play tennis when watching players like Federer. It’s never long ’til I find myself smacking a fluffy yellow ball around the court.



This is a fun Instagram page to follow. Icons are fascinating, imagination has no limits and it’s so interesting to discover how people can design icons in so many different ways.

instragram icon a day page on iphone
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Inspiration from an unlikely place. Looking at typography in motorsport. When it comes typography, there are so many options, and with too much choice and it can get very messy. Often the classic fonts are the best place to start thanks to their simplicity, but then there’s always a need for some further inspiration and examples. How […]