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Inspiration from an unlikely place. Looking at typography in motorsport.

When it comes typography, there are so many options, and with too much choice and it can get very messy. Often the classic fonts are the best place to start thanks to their simplicity, but then there’s always a need for some further inspiration and examples. How to make colours and fonts work together, should there be outlines or effects like the dreaded drop shadow*.

Recently I went to see some motor racing. I love the passion people have for these machines with all science and engineering that goes into them and the endless tweaks that make them faster and better.

But on top of this race cars often look cool too because they get covered in stickers and colour schemes from sponsors – after all they are essentially a form of advertising media for a brands.


Race cars are all different shapes and sizes and with all their different logos and sponsors they are a great place to look at how typography and logos can work in a busy environment, full of colour and limited space.

They are essentially a lesson in design basics, when you consider that a race car is often travelling very fast and viewed from a distance, the designs have to be simple and bold.


So if you are looking for some inspiration with typography and logos on your next branding project think about taking a look at some race cars.

The simple designs will often win the race. The design race that is.

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*use at own peril.

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