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I think this is an awesome campaign as it promotes the idea that sharing a meal with someone creates great memories. There’s even a #EatTogetherDay each year on June 22nd. Canadians are embracing the #EatTogether movement while sharing their own stories on instagram and facebook. The website has a bunch of yummy recipes too like ‘Maple balsamic glazed salmon’ to inspire your celebration.


Three beautiful human minutes

This is really poignant and worth the 3 minutes of your time. It shows what happens when we put people in boxes and at the end of the day, we’re all experiencing similar things and are more alike than we think.



Keeping with the multicultural theme of this post, the frenchwords instagram page is full of quirky french expressions and images that will make you want to book a flight to France asap.

frenchwords instagram



This is a great typography resource and I refer to this website often. There’s plenty of information on the fonts reviewed with some great visual applications and its historic inspiration.


font journal web page example



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now I want a stylus


Recently I went to see the just ended David Hockney Exhibition at the NGV.  I love Hockney. He is a great artist of our times, and he has shown just that in his exhibition, named Current.  Current is a great collection, mainly consisting of his digital art, created on his iPhone and iPad. And that’s […]

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simple wins again


Inspiration from an unlikely place. Looking at typography in motorsport. When it comes typography, there are so many options, and with too much choice and it can get very messy. Often the classic fonts are the best place to start thanks to their simplicity, but then there’s always a need for some further inspiration and examples. How […]