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village cinemas christmas


Christmas gift card sales are critical for Village Cinemas. They provide valuable revenue when the big Christmas movie titles drop off. With a less than spectacular forecast of movie titles on the horizon, Village set a record target for Christmas gift card sales.

go beyond

Our strategy, point of sale and advertising campaign went beyond traditional gift giving approaches and leveraged Christmas themed assets from blockbusters like ‘The Hobbit.’

the christmas campaign reached its record multi-million dollar target and sales spilled into january thanks to ‘the hobbit’

the advertising and digital campaign continued through key gift card periods and its simplicity allowed for cost effective and fast turnaround executions










floor decal




village cinemas mother’s day


After the success of the Christmas campaign, the next key retail period, Mother’s Day, was given a record sales target for that time of year.

go beyond

We took learnings from the language and personality of the Christmas campaign, and added the strength of children to the mix. An in-cinema ad, site posters and ticket box material were supported with added touch points to engage different markets like a Mother’s Day card give-away for kids to colour in during the school holidays.

the strategy and creative achieved the hefty sales target and had a suite of work that got staff and moviegoers talking at village cinema sites











village cinemas mobile ticketing


Village Cinemas wanted to steer customers away from purchasing movie tickets at the ticket box to pre-purchasing online with their smartphone.

go beyond

Our strategy was to go beyond the ticket box and highlight the benefits of convenience with fun, location-specific creative and digital assets.

ticket sales through the mobile site increased substantially during the promotional period











village cinemas father’s day


Cinema gift vouchers are not always first on the radar when it comes to Father’s Day gift giving. We needed to change that with a communications program that was in cinema and supported via digital.

go beyond

We put the best of cinema up against Father’s Day stereo types and let the audience decide which one they would like. All of this was enhanced by production techniques that went beyond and set a new benchmark for Village.

staff loved the campaign, which drove sales achieving important sales targets







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