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I love visiting this site and having a look at the poster designs from around the world.



UnderArmour ‘I will what I want’

I really like this campaign. I like the message that we shouldn’t listen to society’s standards and with inner strength and determination, women can achieve their dreams.


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Thai Life Insurance

This ad is sweet, it makes you think about yourself and perhaps inspires to be a little more altruistic.


My favourite font?

Museo. I have to restrain myself to use it all the time! It’s clean, modern, and looks good in a headline or large body of text too.



A few pins from my packaging board









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now I want a stylus


Recently I went to see the just ended David Hockney Exhibition at the NGV.  I love Hockney. He is a great artist of our times, and he has shown just that in his exhibition, named Current.  Current is a great collection, mainly consisting of his digital art, created on his iPhone and iPad. And that’s […]

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simple wins again


Inspiration from an unlikely place. Looking at typography in motorsport. When it comes typography, there are so many options, and with too much choice and it can get very messy. Often the classic fonts are the best place to start thanks to their simplicity, but then there’s always a need for some further inspiration and examples. How […]